While going through medical school it became very apparent to me that there was a serious flaw in our approach to modern medicine. The best way to explain what I mean is through an analogy:
What’s the best way to deal with a house fire?
  1. Throw water on it until it’s out.
  2. Build a new house for the family to live in and ignore the fire.
  3. Educate the people living there to set the house up in a way that does not let fire catch and spread throughout the house.
  4. Give the family living in the burning house pills that prevent them from feeling the heat, even though the fire still damages them in the same way.
I know, this sounds really stupid, but funny enough all of these approaches are used in modern medicine today. There are some situations where each of these approaches might be appropriate, or the only thing that you can do. However there are far too many cases that we jump first to the option which should be our last approach.
I think you would all agree with me that we should first try to prevent fires before they begin. This is true for every house built, and it is true also for the health of every person. We should first try to prevent disease before it starts, and if it starts we should try and contain it before giving up on ourselves. This is exactly what we strive to do here at MedScreen, first and foremost prevent sickness and disease before it happens.
Medicine doesn’t only have to be about putting out fires, it should also be about promoting health. Health is not only lack of disease, health is living in harmony with our bodies, treating them as the gift that they are, and taking care of them so that they take care of us.

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