What is MedScreen?

MedScreen is an app that is very intuitive and user friendly. After downloading the app, you simply follow a series of questions about yourself. After answering the questions, the app will provide for you a list of medical screening tests that are recommended personally for you according to the answers you gave.

What is a screening test, and why do I need it?

Screening tests could be anything from a simple blood test, an X-ray, colonoscopy, or a variety of other things. They are tests which look for the first signs of certain diseases that can be detected early. They are not meant to diagnose, though if there are concerning signs then further tests are usually recommended. Some tests are beneficial, some have shown no benefit. Our app only gives those recommendation which have been proven in large studies to be beneficial, and are therefore recommended by various clinical guidelines all over the world.

Why do I need to use MedScreen?

We here are MedScreen believe that knowledge is power, and that the general population should be informed about their current health situation. GPs see thousands of patients, and cannot keep track of everyone accurately all the time. It is therefore imperative that each individual stay updated and informed about which tests they should be doing on a routine basis to try and catch the diseases that they are at risk for at the earliest stage possible. This can potentially allow for easier and more effective treatments, at lower costs.

Aren’t the recommendations different depending on what country I live in?

Yes! The American recommendations differ slightly from the Canadian recommendations, which differ slightly from the European recommendations. However, differences are minor. What isn’t different is the evidence, which is similar across the globe. The minor differences are important to know with respect to coverage of the insurance plans. However, with the information you receive through the app you and your physician can make appropriate decisions to determine what specific strategy is best suited for you.

What do I do with the recommendations that I receive?

After receiving the recommendations, we recommend that you read more about each recommendation through the link provided in the app. We then strongly suggest that you bring this recommendation to your health care provider, GP or other type of physician, and discuss a plan to receive the screening tests that are recommended for you.

Didn’t find your question here? Feel free to write us on the contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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